How Will Waiver Slots Be Assigned?


How Will Waiver Slots Be Assigned? (Emergency Slots, Criteria)

Slots will be allocated to CSBs based on population (same as before).

Waiver Slot Assignment Review Committees (WSACS) will have DBHDS facilitators to maintain the committee membership and convene the committee.

Please note that WSAC members may not be any person with a direct or indirect interest in the outcome of the proceedings:

  • Current CSB employees or board members,
  • Current employees, owners, or board members of any agency providing waiver services, unless serving on a WSAC in an area in which the provider does not provide services,
  • Family members of individuals seeking waiver services.

At the Waiver Slot Assignment Committee, the Slot Assignment Review form is reviewed for each individual being considered for a waiver.

Emergency Waiver Slots & Criteria

  • Emergency Waiver slots are managed by DBHDS, not the CSB.
  • The VA General Assembly allocates the number of emergency waiver slots in its budget.
  • Emergency slots facilitate movement between waivers as an individual’s service needs change.
  • To be considered for an emergency waiver slot the Emergency Criteria must be met.

Emergency Criteria:

-Child Protective or Adult Protective Services (CPS or APS) has substantiated abuse/neglect against the primary caregiver and has removed the individual from the home; or for adults where abuse/neglect has not been substantiated but corroborating information from other sources (agencies) indicate there is an inherent risk present.  There are no other caregivers available to provide support services to the individual.

-Death of primary caregiver and/or lack of alternate caregiver coupled with the individual’s inability to care for him/herself and danger to self or others without supports.