Waiver Redesign

  The Developmental DisabilitY Waiver Program                                                      

Virginia’s Developmental Disabilities (DD) Waiver Program serves individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities.  Over 10,000 Virginians of all ages are served by the DD Waiver services and supports so that they may live and thrive in the community.

You may have heard that Virginia “redesigned”  and renamed its former Day Support (DS), Intellectual Disability (ID) and “DD” Waivers.  Effective September 2016, the three redesigned Waivers are:  the Community Living (CL) Waiver, the Family and Individual Support (FIS) Waiver and the Building Independence (BI) Waiver which replace the former DS, ID and DD Waivers.  On this website you can read about the changes to eligibility, services, slot assignment, reimbursement rates, Individual Support Plans, the SIS and many other systemic changes.

Do you want to know more about the Developmental Disability Waiver Program and how to apply? Click Here!

The stated goal of the waiver redesign is to transform the waivers so that they offer new supports and services that promote inclusion and family support, with reimbursement rates that respond to individual needs, so that recipients of services may live full lives in the community.

The Developmental Disability Waiver Program is administered by the VA Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) and operations are managed by the VA Dept. of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS).

On the DBHDS website there is information about “Waiver Redesign”.

You may email questions about waiver redesign to: MyLifeMyCommunity@dbhds.virginia.gov

You may call DBHDS for waiver redesign information @ 1-844-603-9248

Click to view The Arc of Virginia’s Summary of Waiver Redesign issued in July 2016.