Technology Assisted Waiver (Tech)

This waiver is for individuals of any age that need a medical device to assist them with a loss of most important body function and the individual requires skilled nursing to stay in their homes safely.

Don’t worry the financial considerations are based on the individual’s income not the family’s income!

Services available in the Technology Assisted Waiver:

  • Assistive Technology
  • Environmental Modifications
  • Personal Care – Agency-Directed for age 21+
  • Skilled Private Duty Nursing (RN and LPN)
  • Respite – Skilled
  • Transition

Eligibility Requirements

  • Meet the screening criteria for the Uniform Assessment Instrument.
  • Meet Adult monthly income limit of $2,199.00 and not have resources over $2,000.
  • Qualify and maintain Medicaid eligibility. (You do not have to apply for Medicaid until you are screened and found eligible.)

To utilize the waiver and to maintain the waiver you must be qualified for Medicaid.

Click to view how to Apply for Medicaid by phone, online or at your local Department of Social Services.   It is very important that you renew your Medicaid eligibility annually through your local Dept. of Social Services. If you move be sure to notify your local Dept. of Social Services of your new address.

The Department of Medical Assistance Services coordinates the Tech Waiver services.

The rules are different for children and adults.

For adults a team from the Department of Health and The Department of Social Services screens the applicant to see if they are able to receive this waiver.

The team uses a tool called the Uniform Assessment Instrument (UAI) to determine if the individual meets the requirements.

For children The Department of Medical Assistance services receives a referral. They complete a Scoring Tool to decide in the child meets the requirements to receive services, if so The Department of Medical Assistance conducts a home assessment.

Click to view the Tech Waiver Regulations.

Click to view the Tech Waiver Provider Manual

The Techonology Assistive Waiver is administered by the VA Dept. of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS).

The DMAS Program Contacts are:

Roberta Matthews, RN, at (804) 786-5419 or ROBERTA.MATTHEWS@DMAS.VIRGINIA.GOV

Mr. Steve Ankiel, Program Manager, at (804) 371-8894 or

The DMAS web site is

Appeal Rights:  You have the right to challenge decisions and actions regarding Medicaid.  An Appeal must be requested within 30 days of the decision or action that you disagree with. Click to view Medicaid Appeal information.