Elderly or Disabled with Consumer Direction Waiver (EDCD)

The Elderly and/or Disabled with Consumer Direction Waiver is for:

  • adults 65+ with a medical need
  • individuals less than 65 years with a disability and a medical need.

There is no waiting list for this waiver.

It delivers services through agency and consumer directed models.

Click to view the EDCD Waiver Services Descriptions.

To request EDCD Waiver Services contact your local Dept. of Social Services or your local Dept. of Health.

Representatives from the VA Department of Health screen individuals to see if they are eligible to receive this waiver. An appointment will be scheduled for you to be screened for the waiver.

The team uses a tool called the Uniform Assessment Instrument (UAI) to determine if you/the individual meet the required functional dependencies and medical  needs. Screenings may also take place when an individual is hospitalized.

You/the individual must also submit a Medicaid application and meet financial requirements.  Click to view how to Apply for Medicaid by phone, online or at your local Department of Social Services.  You may also go to your local Department of Social Services and ask for an application.  Don’t worry,  the financial considerations for Medicaid are based on the individual’s income not the family’s income!

For adults receiving the EDCD Waiver, the monthly income limit is $2,199.00.

Once you are approved for the EDCD Waiver you will need to select a Services Facilitator to initiate your services and plan of care.

Click to view the EDCD Waiver Regulations.

Click to view the EDCD Provider Manual.

Click to view the EDCD Reimbursement Rates

Appeal Rights:  You have the right to challenge decisions and actions regarding Medicaid.  An Appeal must be requested within 30 days of the decision or action that you disagree with. Click to view Medicaid Appeal information.

The EDCD Waiver is administered by the VA Dept. of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS).

The Program Contacts are:

Mr. Steve Ankiel, Program Manager, at (804) 371-8894 or steve.ankiel@dmas.virginia.gov or

Ms. Melissa A. Fritzman, Program Supervisor, at (804) 225-4206 or melissa.fritzman@dmas.virginia.gov.