Functional Dependencies

Functional Dependencies

To determine if an individual is eligible the screening team will assess functional capacity of the individual. Functional capacity is the degree of assistance an individual requires to complete activities of daily living. Click here to view more details in the Pre-Admission Screening Provider Manual and functional capacity requirements.


The person being screened must meet the following:

1. The individual must need human assistance in 2-4 activities of daily living, as well as being semi-dependent or dependent in Behavior and Orientation, and also semi-dependent in Joint Motion or semi-dependent in Medication Administration or

2. Dependent in 5-7 activities of daily living and also rated dependent in Mobility or

3. Semi-dependent in 2-7 activities of daily living and also rated dependent in Mobility and Behavior and Orientation and

4. Have health needs that require medical or nursing supervision. Some examples (not exclusive) of these needs are: catheter care, respiratory therapy, therapeutic exercise and positioning, routine skin care to prevent pressure ulcers, dialysis, suctioning and oxygen.

Activities of daily living that will be screened are: bathing, dressing, transferring, toileting, feeding oneself, incontinence of bowel and bladder.

This is a brief overview of a multi-part program.