Individual and Family Developmental Disabilities Support Waiver (DD)

This waiver is for adults and children 6 or over with developmental disabilities.

There is a waiting list for this waiver.

To find out what services are available with the DD Waiver
Visit the Medicaid Waiver Services Chart.

The individual must not have a diagnosis of Intellectual Disability.

The Virginia Department of Health Child Development Clinics (CDC) will screen adults and children. They will use the Level of Functioning Survey (LOF) to determine if the individual meets the requirements.

The individual must also meet financial requirements and complete a Medicaid application, don’t worry the financial Medicaid requirements are based on the individual’s income not the family’s income!

You can download a copy of the “Request for Screening” here and fill out the form and fax or mail it to the Child Development Clinics (CDC). A psychological assessment is a requirement for the screening.

This is a brief overview of a multi-part program.