Budget Conferees Appointed


Both the House and Senate have appointed the budget conferees.  This is the small group of legislators who will negotiate the final budget bill.  The conference committee will begin meeting tomorrow and will likely complete its work by early next week.  This means we need to act NOW.

Once you have called your Delegate and Senator, please call as many of the budget conferees as you can.  The message can be simple:  “Invest in Community Services for People with Developmental Disabilities, Not Institutions”  Let the legislators know that even though you are not a constituent, you and your family are directly affected by the issues being discussed.

2017 Budget Conferees:

Del. Chris Jones
(804) 698-1076
email: DelCJones@house.virginia.gov

Del. Kirk Cox
(804) 698-1066
email: DelKCox@house.virginia.gov

Del. Steve Landes
(804) 698-1025
email: DelSLandes@house.virginia.gov

Del. John O’Bannon
(804) 698-1073
email: DelJOBannon@house.virginia.gov

Del. Tag Greason
(804) 698-1032
email: DelTGreason@house.virginia.gov

Del. Luke Torian
(804) 698-1052
email: DelLTorian@house.virginia.gov

Sen. Tommy Norment
(804) 698-7503
email: district03@senate.virginia.gov

Sen. Emmett Hanger
(804) 698-7524
email: district24@senate.virginia.gov

Sen. Janet Howell
(804) 698-7532
email: district32@senate.virginia.gov

Sen. Dick Saslaw
(804) 698-7535
email: district35@senate.virginia.gov

Sen. Steve Newman
(804) 698-7523
email: district23@senate.virginia.gov

Sen. Frank Ruff
(804) 698-7515
email: district15@senate.virginia.gov

Sen. Frank Wagner
email: district07@senate.virginia.gov


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