Update on the State Budget Bills


Summary of the House and Senate budget bills:

On Sunday, the House Appropriations Committee (HAC) and the Senate Finance Committee (SFC) released their respective versions of the state budget bill.  The House and Senate amendments are now available online.  A side-by-side comparison of the Governor, House and Senate bills is available at the link below.  We will be sending an action alert very soon regarding two particular budget items that are of concern.  This alert will be time sensitive so please be sure to take action TODAY.  Stay tuned!

Side by Side Comparison of the House and Senate Budget Bills

What happens next?

The House and Senate will hold a floor vote on their respective budget bills tomorrow afternoon.  Once each body completes action on the budget bills, the bills will go to “conference committee”- where a final budget bill will be negotiated by a small group of Delegates and Senators.   We will send out an alert after the House/Senate floor votes, letting you know where we stand and what you can do to help ensure that the conference committee incorporates the best of both budget bills.  Please stay tuned for this alert as well.

As always- thank you for your advocacy!

-The Arc of Virginia




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