Waiting List

September 2018 Update

The 2018 Virginia General Assembly funded an additional 1,695 Developmental Disability Medicaid Waivers for July 2018-June 2020.  For July 2018-June 2019, 628 new DD Waivers were funded; for July 2019-June 2020 there will be 1067 new DD Waivers.  The Waiver Slot Assignment Committees at the local Community Services Boards will assign the waivers to individuals based on need.  To view the number of DD Waivers and the type of DD Waivers (Building Independence, Family and Individual Support and Community Living) allocated to the local Community Services Boards for assignment click here.

March 2018 Update

The VA Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) reported that there are 12,501 people with I/DD who are on waiting lists for the Developmental Disability Waiver program. One out of every 4 on the waiting list, or 3,156 individuals are assessed to be Priority Level 1.  Priority Level 1 individuals are in urgent need of the DD Waiver.  The Governor’s proposed state budget for 2018-2020 Assembly funds 825 new DD Waivers.  It is expected that the budget will be finalized in May when the VA General Assembly will reconvene.

Once slots are included in the final budget, The Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) and DBHDS are responsible for sending a request to Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) so that the federal government pays for 50% of the costs (since DD Waivers are a Medicaid program).  Once CMS approves the slots, they can become active.

July 23, 2015 Update:
The Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services notified The Arc of Virginia that the Department has received approval from CMS to release the remaining ID waiver slots for FY 2016 to the CSBs for slot assignment.

Now CSBs are cleared to assign 325 ID Waiver slots within the next 90 days. A distribution chart is available by clicking here: July 1 2015 Slot Distribution

It is important to note that the new slots provided by the Governor and General Assembly will only serve 3.5% of the I/DD Waiver waiting list.  Advocacy is critical to ensuring that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities receive the support they need and avoid unnecessary institutionalization.

If you have not already done so, please call Governor McAuliffe (804-786-2211) and your state legislators, urging them to provide further help the I/DD Waiver waiting list.

If you do not know who your legislator is, you can look it up here.